Good Feedback goes both ways!

TypeRight provide students, parents and schools with detailed feedback regarding the individual progress of all students. We are also pleased to receive feedback from them to continually improve and finesse our tutoring and course planning.

Dear David

James is consistently recording times of 45wpm which is really very good indeed especially at his high accuracy percentage of 94%. A fortnight ago he attempted to type ‘blind’. This entailed him closing his eyes and typing as I dictated to him. He did incredibly well. A few sentences were 100% accurate and the others had very few mistakes at all. It is fair to say that James is now are very competent touch typist.

We are now focusing on speed in class both using the practice elements in the software programme but also using TypeRight’s speed practice sheets. We are moving more and more into using real life material (newspapers and magazines), and the students are typing to impromptu dictation along the same lines as they might take notes in a lecture in the future. At home, typing along to a radio programme, typing up homework and taking notes of a family conversation are all great practice.

There are just two more sessions to go, one tomorrow and then the last one next Thursday so a big push at his practice at home could very well see him record over 50wpm by the end of the course. Once the course has finished I’d really encourage him to continue to use the software (Speed Booster in particular) for practice purposes which will see his speed progress through to 55wpm and then 60wpm and beyond.

If you would like to discuss anything with me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. In the meantime, many congratulations to James, he really has excelled in the TypeRight course and I hope he will keep up the good work after the course to the point that touch-typing becomes second nature to him if it hasn’t already!

All the best



Dear Amanda

Many thanks for your hugely successful course. Honor has really enjoyed it and is now chomping at the bit to get a lap top and start typing everything in school, at home etc.  I think it will really transform things for her as she has always had some trouble with handwriting speed and quality so the sooner she can get onto typing everything the better.

I will be thoroughly recommending you to all and sundry as having done a fabulous job and also made what could be quite a boring process into one that Honor has looked forward to and feels really proud of.

Best wishes




Reviews for Type Right

“The course itself has taken place at school each week making it the easiest possible way to have the boys learn typing. We have followed Sybille’s advice of little and often and both boys have tended to do between 5 and 15 minutes practise per day. Often they do this totally unsupervised, but Sybille did show me how to check what they had been doing and we communicate regularly through the term about how they are progressing both on the course and in their practise at home.

I could not recommend Sybille more highly – my elder son was typing at over 30 words per minute with a very high level of accuracy after one term of tuition. My second son, who is much less dextrous, practised less, and finds concentrating much harder, was nonetheless typing at around 15-20 words per minute with a high level of accuracy after one term. He is continuing to work with Sybille this term and I am confident that by the end of term he will be typing well enough to use this skill for writing in class if he wishes.”

Thalia C Eley PhD,
Professor of Developmental Behavioural Genetics.