Individual Tuition


Individual Tuition is generally delivered in the student’s own home with timing and lesson planning being specifically agreed to suit the student’s and parents’ circumstances.

Tutoring learners individually is obviously the optimum method for ensuring that the lesson content and delivery speed is ideally suited to the needs and capabilities of the individual student. Individual tutoring can be requested to provide a supplementary boost to a student following a TypeRight group class in school or it can be requested for any individual seeking to organise their schedule on an independent basis. Young professionals starting full time work often realise the benefits that touch-typing could bring them and request fast-track individual courses to get them up to speed in advance of embarking on their future careers.

It is now widely accepted that touch-typing is a particularly beneficial skill for students with dyslexia, dyspraxia or similar assessments. The intimacy of the one-to-one learning environment is excellent for any students who find it difficult to focus on the task in hand when learning in a group situation. Experience dictates that these students frequently flourish in our individual tutoring sessions achieving high levels of accuracy and speed which makes it much easier for them to present high quality typed manuscripts in submitting their classwork. Increasingly schools are encouraging the use of laptop and notebook computers for students with LDD assessments. TypeRight liaise closely with school staff in that regards agreeing suitable benchmarks and tutoring individual students to achieve them.

Subject to more specific discussion of any individual case it is often possible to tutor two or three students in an environment that is paramount to one-to-one but obviously more affordable given the economies of scale. These situations should be discussed openly and frankly to achieve the optimum learning environment for the students in question.

Individual tutoring is generally delivered in the students own home with timing and lesson planning being individually agreed to suit the students and parents circumstances.